POWER NOW - rental of external chargers

The first international power bank sharing service

Leave your phone number and we will send an SMS with a link to download the application

Or install with:
{1} day | {2,4} days | {5,20} days
Keep moving. Take the power bank in one place, return in another.
3 in 1
iPhone, Android or even iQos. Charge up to three devices at the same time.
Always in touch
Forget about a low battery and a bunch of wires. With Power Now you are always in touch.
Cables Micro-USB / Apple Lightning / Type C included
Android Apple Type-C
Even if you have a charge, you need to sit at the outlet, wasting your time.
With Power Now all this can be avoided!
Our stations with power banks are located in many institutions of the city.
Download the application Power Now and take a power bank with you for the price of one cup of coffee.
Iphone charge
All gadgets are charged
You are always in touch
You do not waste time sitting at the outlet
No need to carry a bunch of wires
You have access to your bank account
You can call a taxi or use the navigator
After charging, return the power bank to any Power Now station.

How to take a power bank?

Install the Power Now application
Install the & nbsp; app in Google Play or App Store
Scan the QR code<br/>at the station
Scan the QR code
at the station
Rent a power bank
Take a power bank with you

How to return a power bank?

Find a station on the map<br/>in the app
Find a station on the map
in the app
Return the power bank to the free slot
Return the power bank to the free slot
Pay for the use of the power bank
Pay for the use of the power bank


Try the first half hour FREE
Starting from 31 minutes for every half hour of rent you are charged 0.3 EUR.
10 грн
24 hours
If you use the power bank for more than 2.5 hours, you automatically switch to the daily rate.
50 грн
power bank franchise
Do you want to put such a station in your institution or invest in our project?

Power Now is always there

You can find us anywhere

power banks for the restaurant
rent a power bank in the bar
rental of charging stations in shopping malls
Shopping centers
power bank rental in coffee shops
Coffee shops
charger rental in gyms
charging station for phones

Mobile application

We have put all our experience to make
the most convenient and intuitive application
Search powerbank on the map
Search for a station on the map
Search for power banks in the nearest establishments
Search for a station in the nearest establishments
Loyalty system and promo codes
Loyalty system and promo codes
History of appeals
History of appeals

Our partners

Do you want to put our station in your institution?

Look for us in your city

can be taken
can be returned


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Anna Osypenko

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Questions left?

1. Download the Power NOW mobile app from Google Play or App Store.
2. Register.
3. Attach a bank card to pay the rent.
4. Find the nearest station on the map.
5. Scan the QR code at the station.
6. Take the power bank from the station.
1. Find the nearest point on the application map.
2. Route and get to the station.
3. Simply insert the power bank into the free slot of the station.

If the rental does not stop after 30 seconds, check your internet connection and refresh the page, if this does not help, contact support.
Each power bank has 3 cords for connectors:
• Apple Lightning
• MicroUSB
• Type-C

Lightning charges iPhone, iPad and AirPods.
Type-C and Micro USB for other smartphones and gadgets.
Charges for use take place every half hour. The first half hour is always free for users. Then - EUR 0.3 for every 30 minutes.
If the power bank is with you for more than 2.5 hours - you can use it until the next day, the charges will stop at EUR 1.5.
If you do not return the power bank within a day, the lease will automatically continue for another 24 hours.
One power bank can be rented by one user in one period of time.
Check the cord connections, you may have confused them or not inserted them completely Contact our support service. We will resolve your issue quickly.
Make sure you fully insert the power bank into the station or try the next slot. It should click and the indicator will light up. After clicking, the rental will stop.
If the problem isn`t solved, contact support by clicking the Help button in the application.
If you have lost the power bank, click on the ”Buy” button in the application. Your card will be deducted from the cost and the rent will stop.
You will then be able to use Power Now again.